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Pam's Story


For years Pam suffered allergy symptoms that put her in the hospital on many occasions. She realized she was missing out on enjoying the things she liked to do outside - boating, hiking and spending time with her children, family and pets. She went through a series of allergy tests, started shots and now she has her life back.

As our Allergy Nurse for the Sinus and Allergy Center, she brings a unique perspective, as she had been a former allergy immunotherapy patient herself. She approaches allergy management with a belief that with a little work and commitment, it is possible to get back into enjoying life without allergy symptoms. Pam has said that since taking control of her allergies many years ago, she is a better parent and better person in general, because she isn’t missing out on important things in life due to allergy problems. Her personal experience and knowledge base helps her understand and individually guide patients through their allergy journey.

Pam’s mission is having patients get their life back!