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TeleVisits are available! To aid our patients during this time, you can contact our office and request a TeleVisit appointment or click on the Patient Portal icon. Download Healow mobile app. For the safety and welfare of our patients and staff, patients showing signs and symptoms of cough, fever, flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath or traveled outside of the state will not be permitted in our office. Up to date COVID-19 can be found on the CDC web site:


Do I have Sinusitis

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Post Nasal Drip

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Sinusitis 20 Questions

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Allergies and Hay Fever

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sinus and Allergy FAQs

We answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding sinusitis and other allergy related symptoms and conditions.


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Pam's Story

For years Pam suffered allergy symptoms that put her in the hospital on many occasions. She realized she was missing out on enjoying the things she liked to do outside - boating, hiking and spending time with her children, family and pets. She went through a series of allergy tests, started shots and now she has her life back.


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